Burn Your Program

“Ships are safe in harbour….but that is not what Ships are for” – some guy I met in a Pakistani tea house 2014

How many of you haven’t changed or updated your program in 4 weeks? 6 weeks? 10 weeks? Ever?

Consistency is key in training but there is a time when Consistency turns to ground hog day. We can get comfortable in our standard excersises and we get great at them but we need to understand that if we are to grow, if indeed we are to sail to new lands we must leave the saftey of the harbour. Search out someone that can teach you a new movment, learn pilaties, pick up a heavy kettle bell and go for a 1 mile walk.

Comfort is for the weak. Competencey can sometimes mean stagnation. Grow. Fight . Pick up something new, suck at it, get good at it, find something else.


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  1. I can totally relate to this. I’m a calisthenics guy, and have started getting used to burpees, and the only way to continuously grow is to work on other things I suck at. Like pull-ups, for example. Thanks for this post!


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